MILF Hottie Morgan Fairchild Nude

Ah, Morgan Fairchild nude!

What I wouldn't of given to see this famous celebrity hottie getting it hard in the ass by some big black stud, hehe....guess only in my feverish teenage masturbatory dreams, eh? I used to see her in ALL sorts of shows and she always caught my eye. She never really did anything that was memorable in terms of acting, but she did receive an Emmy nomination for a special episode of "Murphy Brown".

WHOA! Now THAT'S talent! LOL!

But still, being able to enjoy MILF Hottie Morgan Fairchild Nude is a dream cum true! I think I spent many a lazy afternoon stroking the celeb stick to her various nude pictures in old celebrity skin mags and always appreciate the chance to spew a few gallons of spunk in her honor!

Did you know her real name is Patsy Ann McClenny and she was born in Dallas, Texas in 1950?

And she was one of three actors to play Jenna Wade (Bobby Ewing's former girlfriend) on the hit TV soap "Dallas"?

My favorite quote from this celebrity hottie: "They're not paying me to play a charwoman. They're paying me to show up looking glam and, damn it, I'm gonna show up looking glam!"

Damn straight! Although I'd pay a MILLION to see her dressed up as a little French maid, oh, BABY!


Posted: Saturday 16th May 2009, 2:24 PM

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